Meet The Team


Virginia is a lover of all animals and when she's not hand rolling and racking the treats, she is cooking and hiking with her pup, Elsea!  Virginia is co' owner of the Massachusetts location with her husband, Alec.


Alec is the dog whisperer, stunt man, treat expert and co' owner of the Massachusetts location.  When Alec isn't making treats and food, he can be found playing soccer and working on tricks with  Elsea! 


Elsea is the official taste tester at the Massachusetts location.  When she isn't tasting every treat, she can be found playing frisbee, doing flips and jumping in the water


Cheryle is the brains behind it all!  She started Bona-Fido out of Rhode Island with a background in chemistry,  veterinary work and just an all around love for all animals.  The Rhode Island location is where it all began and it is continuing to grow.  

Wholesome, all-natural products from our kitchen to yours.  No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives.  Bona-Fido® recipes are formulated to provide vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to our K-9 companions using nothing but fresh, natural ingredients.

      No Wheat               No Dairy             No Soy            No Corn
Proud to be 100% American-made, everything down to the packaging!

"Bona-Fide" means:
1: Made in good faith without fraud or deceit
2: Made with earnest intent: sincere
3: Neither specious nor counterfeit: genuine

(as defined by Merriam-Webster)

elsea the cattle dog!
elsea the cattle dog!
virginia, alec and elsea!
virginia, alec and elsea!
penny and sambuca!
penny and sambuca!